About Us

The ASRP of WA is committed to establishing and promoting professional and ethical standards within the senior housing and care referral industry; as well as to those who provide supportive and ancillary services for older and other frail adults within the state of Washington.

A common business interest of all members is to create a unified and consistent voice which promotes, develops and facilitates:

  • Ethical standards which create a quality experience for seniors, frail adults, and the people who support them.
  • Recommended best practices and the education of members, with a shared goal of improving consumer awareness of options and increasing the ability of consumers to make informed decisions.
  • Education to increase the knowledge and skills of members regarding aging, aging related products and services, communication, decision-making and conflict resolution.
  • Education to increase consumer awareness of aging, senior housing and care options, effective processes for making life transition decisions, and to improve communication amongst family members, and with health care professionals and insurance carriers.
  • A means for consumers, senior housing and care providers, health care professionals, other professionals or community members to provide feedback to the entire referral industry.
  • The use of referral professionals as a means of making effective use of time, energy and resources for consumers and senior housing and care providers.
  • Transparency, disclosure, accuracy of information, and effective, recommended business practices within the senior housing and care referral industry.
  • Protection of consumers by communicating residents’ rights, current and future RCWs & WACs impacting consumers.
  • Collaborative opportunities for consumers and members of the association to have a voice in future legislation and regulation regarding senior housing and care services.
  • Protection of consumers by communicating the option to file complaints to the Ombudsman, The Department of Social & Health Services, Adult Protective Services, The Attorney General, and other regulatory or social service agencies.


Our membership is made up of individuals and businesses who offer referral services to the senior housing and care industry within the state of Washington.  Our Affiliate Members offer services that enhance the ability of the referral professional to serve clients or work in an industry which offers products or services to the senior housing and care industry within the state of Washington.

Executive Board

The ASRP of WA is governed by a board of volunteers.  Our current board members include:

  • President: Heidi Sheldon, Options for Seniors
  • President Elect: David Lepsig, Care Patrol
  • Past President: Lisa Doyle, RN, CayCare
  • Secretary: Julie Garreis, All About Care Inc
  • Treasurer: Abby Durr, Silver Age Care
  • Communication Chair: Evan Perrollaz, Cornerstone Senior Care Solutions
  • Education Chair: Lisa Satin, The Right Place Senior Options
  • Ethics & Best Practices Chair: Abby Durr, Silver Age
  • Legislative Chair: Heidi Sheldon, Options for Seniors
  • Membership Chair: Diane Lepsig, Care Patrol

Join Us!

Are you a senior referral professional in Washington State and interested in joining the ASRPWA?  Get started today!

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